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Apple Habanero Apple Habanero
Apple Habanero wine is a semi-sweet apple wine with a kick. It is hand crafted using locally sourced apples infused with pepper and spices creating just the right amount of sweet and heat!
9.00 (USD)

Blackberry Beet Blackberry Beet
NO ADDED SULFITES Blackberry Beet is a unique blend of Washington grown blackberries and Dungeness Valley beets infused with lemon to create a memorable wine that reflects the unique character of the Pacific Northwest. This is a dry wine that tastes very similar to a Cabernet. 13% abv.
9.00 (USD)

Blackberry Lavender Blackberry Lavender
Blackberry Lavender is a semi-sweet wine crafted using Washington grown blackberries infused with Dungeness Valley Lavender. It is a blackberry forward wine with a pleasant lavender finish.
9.00 (USD)

Orchard Plum Orchard Plum
Orchard Plum is a semi-sweet plum wine crafted with plums grown across the Pacific Northwest.
9.00 (USD)

Rhubarb Rose Rhubarb Rose
NO ADDED SULFITES Rhubarb Rose is a delicate semi-sweet wine hand crafted with Washington grown rhubarb and mountain spring water. It is a crisp wine that captures the unique essence of fresh rhubarb.
9.00 (USD)

Northern Blueberry Northern Blueberry    Out Of Stock
Northern Blueberry is a sweet wine, hand-crafted using blueberries harvested exclusively from Vionville Farm in Lynden, WA. This wine is fermented in small batches to create a full-bodied wine with rich blueberry flavor.
9.00 (USD)

Pacific Pineapple Pacific Pineapple    Out Of Stock
Pacific Pineapple Wine is a refreshing, light wine crafted with hand selected pineapples at the peak of ripeness. It is perfect for any occasion, and my personal favorite!
9.00 (USD)

Strawberry Rain Strawberry Rain    Out Of Stock
Strawberry Rain is hand-crafted using strawberries grown in Sequim, WA. It is a sweet wine with a crisp and delicate flavor that captures the essence of sun ripened strawberries.
9.00 (USD)