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Shameless Tart Shameless Tart

Price: 16.00 (USD)

Handling Fee: 10.00 (USD)

Weight: 3.50 (lbs)

Shameless Tart is our newest variety, and has been a hit with everyone who has tried it!  It is hand-crafted with berries grown at Greysmarsh Farm in Sequim, WA.  The wine is made with a combination of blackberries and raspberries that are enhanced with orange and lemon to create a very unique and complex flavor combination.  It is a semi-sweet wine with rich berry flavor and a citrus twist. The fruit is blended with pure mountain spring water only available to Hurricane Hills Winery that comes directly from Heart of the Hills.  It has minimal preservative agents in it, so is best consumed young and stored in cool temperatures out of direct sunlight.

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